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Among my spoils from the auction the other day was a job lot of miscellaneous pullers. The main item I wanted was worth the bid price, but there were some oddities which have got me stumped.

Strangest is this lot, made by OTC:-

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I thought at first the three rods were identical, but they aren't. There are small differences in diameter at the joggled end.

All I can think of is that the rod can be slipped through one of the discs, which will then hold if it's pulled square against something such as the back of a bearing, as in

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I don't see why the different diamater are needed on the ends of the rods, since all the discs have the same hole.

Maybe there's some vital part missing?

I suspect the other bits in the tray aren't directly relevant.

The rods have part numbers such as HC-690-E (or C or D)

The discs are HC 690-A1 (or B1, C1 etc)

Googling OTC hc-690 hasn't found me anything useful.

Next is presumably a special, I thought at first it might be for extracting bearings while the shaft is in place but the removable jaws are only 2-piece so couldn't be slipped through an outer race from the front. The jaws are about 100mm bore. It looks to be part factory made, part shop made, and to have had quite a lot of use.

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Last is just some standard Sykes-Pickavant jaws which have had the lugs removed, which normally engage with the central collar. A minor mystery as to why anyone would need to do that?

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On the S_P subject, does anyone know what is the special wax/grease they use in their 'hydraulic' pullers? They used to do a service kit which included a little tub of this stuff with a couple of seals, the price was quite reasonable. Last time I enquired, they're still available but the price is comparable with a complete new far-eastern copy of the ram.

Any bright ideas? Thanks Tim

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Tim Leech
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To me, they look like bushing-pullers or BB-pullers (albeit I have never seen one like this :-)) They work if you have a ball-bearing or short bushing in a deeper hole. Push the hook through the center of the BB, slip the ring over the rod and then with a nut pull out the rod (and the bearing).

The nut.

Don't know.


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Nick Mueller

OTC make special tools for alot of car companies, and are supplied via SPX in the uk. I think you're right in that there's bits missing, as there should be something for the screw to go in to. It's like a heavy duty partially blind hole puller, possibly something gearbox related. The joggled bars do look familiar, but I can't remember where I've seen them.

I'd hazard a guess you've got the bottom plate on the wrong way round, and that the removable jaws should go towards the screw. It looks to me like a press for either ball joints, or bushes. I'm sure there's something like that kicking around work from days of old.

You don't always need the lugs, and sometimes they can get in the way. So if they were mainly used for a job where they were a hinderence, it would be better to grind them off.

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M Cuthill

Please let me know if you remember

That's exactly as it was, & there's quite a fancy mechanism to lock the jaws into the bottom plate.



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Tim Leech

.Tim, Sounds daft but I have a Chinese artificial Christmas tree with three legs like that but with a triangular bit which is probably missing in your case.

No worse answer than anyone else's, I suppose


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