newbie milling machine help

Have had an Elliot sturdimill 1250 for a while now but it has never been
installed - hope to do so soon.
It is in great condition with a vertical head and a slotting head.
When the machine was lifted with a hiab I was horrified to see they lifted
it with a chain through the overarm. Everything looked nicely balanced etc
but they should have used the proper lifting points.
The overarm is very stiff to move. Despite much oil and loosening off the
bolts it needs quite a bit of whacking with a lump hammer to move(wooden
block spacer). Is this normal or has it been damaged? Everything looks fine.
Also what are the chances of using this machine to bore out Rover V8 engine
blocks to fit top hat liners?
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Take the over arm off to see if there is any rust in it's ways. clean the ways and dovetails of the over arm and the machine ways and dovetails with scotch bright and then oil them with way oil. if it then moves freely then your OK .if it doesn't may have been damaged ..
FIRST PUT a strait edge tool on the lage flat areas of the ram and machine and make sure they are strait.....then.take a clock on a stand and measure off the large flat area of the way..all along..of the ram to its dovetail and off the large flat area on the machine to its dovetail...all along to see if its consistent.
If its not ...maybe you could stone the damage or distortion off using the clocks as reference.
If its worse need to move into scrapping it ..with tools fashioned from old files....I'm told this is the best material to make 'em out of.
I would say if there is any distortion greater than 1 mm along the whole of the over arm....your in big trouble.
all the best.mark
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