Rubber "Tyres"

I have turned up some aluminium wheels, 60mm diameter and 20 mm wide, for a robot platform.

I have some 1mm thick butyl rubber sheet (off-cut from a pond liner). I would like to cut 20mm wide strips from this, and glue them around the perimeter of the wheels as "tyres".

What would be the best adhesive, reasonably commonly available, to bond the rubber to the aluminium, please? The wheels will not transmit very much torque.

Regards, Phil.

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I'd try Evo-stik, the proper smelly impact glue favoured, I'm told, by glue-sniffers so less easy to buy than it used to be.

Cheers Tim

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Tim Leech

Both Bostik and Dunlop make a 2-part adhesive that is permanent and totally waterproof that is used amongst other things to glue rubber seals to diving suits and rubber handles to inflatable boats. Unfortunately it is expensive at about £11 for a 200g can, and I don't recall the trade names but if you can find it I am certain it will do the job.

Cliff Coggin.

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Cliff Coggin

Thanks very much for the responses - I shall now get busy.

Regards, Phil.

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Phil Cross

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