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Can anyone tell me the difference between two Ian Bradley books? At Abe
books I can find "SHAPING MACHINE AND LATHE TOOLS" by Bradley, Ian.
for =A37 and SHAPING MACHINE by IAN BRADLEY for =A350.
Are they the same book??
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No, they are not the same. The first is in print, the second not, hence the price differential.
The first is available from Tee Publishing (and probably Camden Miniature Steam Services) in the UK. It 'does what it says on the tin', covering literally the (cutting) tool (bits) used in lathes, shaping machines and planers. Contents of the book are: materials for making tools; formation of the tool's cutting edge; lathe tools; tools for use in the shaping and planing machine; sharpening lathe and shaping machine tools. Hence, it's not a 'how to use' manual.
The second is out of print, and occasionally available. The price you quoted is on the large side, half that is more realistic if you look hard and long enough. It is part of a loose series of three books by Bradley, its companions being "The drilling machine" and "The grinding machine". Maybe if enough people write to Tee, they may reprint them....
I am under the impression that the three are basically a collection of related work Bradley published in Model Engineer, hence if you have a set of back issues, you will have the information already. There is a lot of repetition of material between the various Bradley books (and he has quite a few to his name), so don't despair if any single one is not in your collection.
Contents of the book are: historical aspects and general description; hand power machines; power driven machines; shaping machine tools; additions to the machine; servicing the tools; installing the machine; mounting the work; some representative machine operations; the lathe as a shaping machine. Again, not a 'how to' manual.
There are lots of other shaper books available (see Tee and Camden catalogues above), as well as a great deal of material available online, including reprints/scans of old material.
Have a browse of chapter XVI et seq. at
formatting link
formatting link
Finally, type 'metal shaper' into Google.....
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