stainless steel welding with oxyacetaline

To the best of my knowledge NO

Yes oxydation. Argon is used to keep oxygen from contaminating the weld, similarly a brass plug up the bore when welding tube or pipe or aluminium strip on the under surface when welding sheet or a second argon line to purge the back faces from oxygen.

Hope this helps Dave "Industria, arte, prudentia"

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Dave Jones
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Is it possible to weld stainless steel with oxyacetylene

Are there any particular problems.

-- Jonathan

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Jonathan Barnes

i am affraid to say it cant be done, you will end up with a very pourus weld, if you manage to get one at all.

This is due to the chrome content.



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Tim Bird

Yup, can be done. Use tig rods for filler, with slightly rich flame, and stainless steel welding flux. Tig is easier and cleaner, but it certainly is possible Geoff

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