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Follow on from query about marine model steam engine: I am about to try to build a Stuart D10 engine and will buy the construction guide they publish. However I still feel totally ignorant about model steam engines never having dealt with anything less than

500MW output and wonder if anyone can suggest good basic books along the lines of "Steam engines for electrical engineers and other total beginners" I have looked in library and tried google to save people offering these suggestions.
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good book, gives a blow by blow account of building a stuart 10v.

blackgates had the book on the shelf a couple of weeks ago,i am sur

-- bolma

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You could also try ENGINEERING IN MINATURE. They did a series some time ago. Was on the 10v not d10 but offered modifications and construction data. Sory unable to give dates but think it was about 3 years ago

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Maurice Hood

The best thing to do is to join your local SMEE, where you will find an untold wealth of advice.

The standard book on building the V10 is a help, but it leaves an awful lot unsaid. Having said that, you could always ask for help in this NG.

I'd suggest, depending on where you are in your metalwork apprenticeship, that you get a copy of Sparey's book on the lathe.

PS. When I used to work for the SW Region, Fawley had 500MW sets, but Portishead where I was based had only 60MW.

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Airy R. Bean

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