A bit OT - Spot of luck ...

I packed the car last evening ready for the Wessex rally at Clutton, but
then something en famile came up & I was needed elsewhere this afternoon. No
problem for tomorrow, but not to be entirely cheated, I whipped out there on
the bike this morning - and am I pleased I did!
On the second look around the stalls, I found a nice man just getting things
out of his boot. He was setting them out on a card table & as they were sort
of "of a piece" I assumed at first they were a display. There were two steam
engines mounted on boards, one a Stuart Turner S50 mill engine with boiler,
the other a No.9. I'd actually turned to go, when something made me ask "Is
this a display or are they for sale?". They were for sale, the asking price
was pretty good & even better when we'd dickered a while! So I walked away
with the ST No.9 (horizontal, 11" long, 1 1/2" bore & stroke). It is so well
made that I suspect it is a Stuart-built product.
I have a small collection of ST model steam engines & dug out my No.4
(vertical, 10" high, same bore & stroke) and spent a satisfying couple of
hours cleaning & polishing both of them. Extracting an electric air
compressor from under the bench, I connected up the outlet to the No.4, then
the exhaust to the inlet of the No. 9. - and blow me down, it worked! Both
engines run well, the vertical at about half the speed of the No. 9. I even
tried adding a No. 10H (horizontal, 6"" long .75" bore & stroke) but it was
a step too far & the inlet pipe is so small, the back pressure it creates
stops the other two in short order.
So, in addition to the T300 marine engine, the JAP Model3, the Continental
1.5hp and a scattering of the electronic stuff I usually exhibit, I now plan
to take a modern genny & hide it, using the compressor to run the two big ST
models, plus a "Sirius" twin & the 10H as static exhibits.
Well, I've gotta make up for not being there today, haven't I? ;o))
J. Kim Siddorn,
Regia Anglorum
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Kim Siddorn
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Help! Kim's come over all hot fog, well compressed air anyway ;-)
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Nick H
Well I like his idea of rallying them driven off compressed air but personally I think that the electric compressor ought to be replaced by one driven from an engine. No need to hide anything then, to be really silly make one of the "steam" engines drive a genny to light a bulb or three...
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Dave Liquorice
or do what I have done with a Stuart Turner 10V - drives a little ST dc generator to which is connected a transistor radio - i.e., steam radio! JW²
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Nice, though at a public event I think one would (technically) require a PRS licence to have the radio on. Wether anyone would chase you up about that is another matter but there are jobsworths every where. B-(
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Dave Liquorice
Driving the Stuarts from an engine run compressor is the ideal for this kind of "law of diminishing returns" exhibit, I agree, but this was 12 hour what-can-I-think-of stuff. However..........
I got up, glanced at my watch, threw some water on myself & the bathroom floor, made a Thermos & shot out the door. Driving down the bypass, I looked at the digi readout in the BMW. Ten to eight. No, can't be. Look at watch. Ten to eight. Bugger, and I thought I was bright and early at ten to nine. Ah, well, press on!
I got everything set up, started the T300 & the Continental. Fine, Turned them off & went & got a bacon roll. Next, the modern genny (500 watts of Chinese power via B&Q), the vacuum pump & the ST hot foggers. But the Chinese horses are lacking in umph & although the motor (rated at 180 watts, I had checked first) will start & run off the mains, even with shoving the belt along the pulleys there is not enough power to start the brushless motor. Bugger ............
Mike H arrives with a tin of iron rivets to make me happy (thanks Mike) & to point out that there is a T300 with genny for sale in the auction. ST stuff is SO nickable, so back in the car with them & off to the auction. I bought quite a lot of bits & pieces, but there was a young man called Joe (14, it later turned out) who was bidding on several things & spent a long time staring at the T300. I inquired if he was going to bid, he was, so I backed off (few enough of the young in this hobby) & he got it for the stunningly low price of £26.00! It was ( I suspect) ex Air Ministry Mk1 Norman T300 with very sexy finned exhaust pipes on a cast ali bed plate with an Alco 35 Volt generator. May it profit him!
I left him with my e-mail address & he may be along later, I suspect.
Back to the exhibit & started the T300 marine engine & the little Continental, both of which petered out in a very depressing way after about half an hour & no amount of plug cleaning, cord tugging & handle spinning would serve to resurrect them. Dunno yet, I haven't looked.
Early wrap up after lunch as there were NO public & many engines etc had slunk off the night before when the rain set in from the west.
Although the sun shone all day, in all, I had a lot more fun on the Saturday!
J. Kim Siddorn,
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Kim Siddorn
"Kim Siddorn" wrote (snip):-
Wow! I'd happily have paid that for the pipes - still looking BTW.
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Nick H
According to the brass plate on the front it was a 35v /350 watt set.it also had the Broad arrow stamped on the plate.Not only were the ex. pipes nicely finned the two into one adaptor was present and what looked like a length of original flexi pipe.Said young lad looked like a dog with two "tails" when the hammer went down. I bought a few items (I will start scanning after I've posted this Nick) and came away well pleased. Best exhibit,a pre war Winget mixer more or less as found driven by its original shaft drive lister D set in a roadworks scenario with red/white barrier poles shovels road lamps etc.Excellent Mike.H.
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How about connecting the genny to the compressor to drive the engines. It would require a bit of hidden wiring and a very quiet real generator somewhere but it could be made to look awfully like perpetual motion.
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John Manders

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