Warley Model Rail Exhibition - Help required

At the 2006 Warley Model Rail Exhibition at the NEC, as you went in to
the hall, over on the far left was a trade stand specialising in motors
and gearboxes for locos. It had a three letter name and was selling (!)
specification sheets on the various motors and gearbox combinations.
Can anyone remember the name please? Due to recent domestic problems I
no longer have the show guide or spec sheet.
Many thanks chaps and chapesses
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The list of traders and Stand numbers is bellow Kindest regards Simon Judd
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C19 247 Developments C14 ABS/Wrightlines J22 Accucraft J17 Acorn Models/Mercian Models J15 Agenoria Models B07 Alan Gibson J24 ALL Components & OnTrack Controls J16 Alphagraphix G03 Aster Hobbies C40 ATM/TPM J43 B H Enterprises C20 B W Models B30 Bachmann Europe Plc C27 Backwoods Miniatures K13A Bay Models J32 Black Dwarf Lightmoor C30 Stewart Blencowe D27 Book Law Publications J45 Branchlines J11 Brassmasters J49 British Railway Modelling C26 Bromsgrove Models D18 C & G Model Railways C12 Carrs - C & L Finescale C10 Centro B08 Cheltenham Model Centre C38 Comet Models J19 Corris Railway Society D33 D J H Engineering Ltd J38 d. c. kits & models K14 Dapol Ltd C28 Dart Castings C31 David Geen C24 DCC Supplies J37 Dean Sidings & The Archive Shop D26 Deluxe Materials (Models) C08 Digitrax J20 DMB Models C41 East Kent Models C35 Eileens Emporium A07 Embedded Controls D20 Eric Bottomley J25 Europeanbahn B02 Exhibition Focus D29 Express Models C17 Finishing Touches D10 Fox Transfers / Cranberry Graphics F12 Freestone Model Accessories H01 Garden Railway Specialists C13 Gaugemaster Controls A05 Gem Models B30 Graham Farish C18 Grainge & Hodder Ltd J27 Greenscene B01 Guide Sales C36 Hafixs C05 Heljan A/S A08 Hereford Model Centre D11 High Level Kits B13 Hobby Holidays K01 Hornby Hobbies C25 Howes Model Centre D34 Inter City Models D31 International Models J12 Isinglass Models G16B J R Designs G05 Japan Model Railways G14 John Hunt Quality Model Railways J28 Jonathan Clay D15 Keen Systems C32 Langley Miniature Models G02 LSWR Models J39 M B Models D30 M G Sharp Models B10 MacKay Models J46 Manor Models C08 Macs Models (Digitrax Experience) J23 Marks Models B09 Mevagissey Models B29 Midland Counties Publications J18 Midland Model Products J40 Mike Howarth C07 Miniatures by Aidan Campbell J09 Model Loco Resprays F01 Model Masters G01 Model Rail Magazine K04A Model Rail Scotland C39 Model Railway Developments J47 Model Signal Engineering D14 Modern Structures in Miniature F15 MODRATEC D25 Morays Models J13 MSL Hobbies A03 N Brass Locomotives A04 N Gauge Lines G16A NScaleCH Ltd D12 Nigel Bird Books C33 A Oakes Ltd D19 P & D Marsh (Model Railways) D22 P & H Models J36 P G Models A06 P4Track Company D24 Parkington Books J34 Parkside Dundas Ltd D32 Parkwood Arts Ltd A26 Peco Publications & Publicity Ltd K15 Phoenix Precision Paints D28 Picture Pride Displays J42 POW Sides J14 Procast G15 Radley Models D09 Rail Express C22 Railwayania C11 Ratio Plastic Models Ltd JO8 Roger Carpenter D16 Roundhouse Engineering C34 Rural Railways C37 Shawplan Model Products D23 Sherwood Models B12 Signs of the Times J41 Silver Fox Models C29 Skytrex J33 The Small Shop EU J44 South Eastern Finecast C15 The Signal Box (Model Railways) J35 Sist Trees J48 South West Digital Ltd C02 Squires Catalogues A09 Squires Model & Craft Tools F16 Steam Powered Video J10 Stevenson Carriages K17 Stuart Black C08 Sunningwell Command Control Ltd (Digitrax Experience) C23 The Syndicate J31 Taylor Mcgill Insurance Consultants F17 Ten Commandments J30 Tenmille Products F18 Timecast G04 Tools 2000 B11 Totally Trains Ltd F19 Tower Models K05 Townfoot Models (Alston Model Rail Centre) D12 Townstreet J29 Train Crazy C08 Train Tronics (Digitrax Experience) F14 Treemendus C06 Trainz Railroad Simulator C08 Victors (Digitrax Experience) C16 Video 125 C21 The View From This Side J21 R D Whyborn D21 Wild Swan Publications Ltd K06 ZTC Controls
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Simon Judd
On 21/01/2007 17:14, snipped-for-privacy@sky.com said,
Are you sure about the location and the name? I've just been through the show guide and nothing matches. Have you looked at the show website? Try
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I understand your (!) This is an aspect of the model railway trade (and others) that you are expected to buy the literature that enables you to spend money with them. I don't have a problem if you get a nice glossy reference catalogue (although Squires' catalogue is free), but charging 50p for a crappy photocopied sheet of A4 is a bit much. I can just imagine the reaction if I asked my customers at work to pay for information about the company! Advertising is supposed to be covered in the overheads!
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Paul Boyd
Most of these companies are spare time cottage industries. It costs money to print and give away leaflets. Especially in the several thousand for a large show.
However many of them give them when you purchase their products.
The only 3-letter name I can think of, is ABC whom I don't think were at Warley. They sell high end motors and gearboxes for O and 1 scales.
If that is the outfit you meant they are at
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Click on "downloads" for the data sheets
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Christopher A.Lee
On 21/01/2007 18:22, Christopher A.Lee said,
Not generally exhibiting at Warley, they're not.
Yes it does. That's all part of running a business. If I was a small trader exhibiting at Warley, I would want as many people as possible to know about my product, and to be able to find information about it at a later date. Exactly as in the OP's case - I bet that if the leaflet was free Mart would have picked it and wouldn't be asking us now if we can even give some clue as to who the company might be. That doesn't strike me as good marketing.
As a multi-hatted wearing General Manager of a manufacturing company, a couple of years ago we spent about £1500 plus many hours mail-shotting potential customers. We expected 99% of those to go in the bin. In fact, we had about a 2% response rate, which resulted in sales far exceeding the initial cost. How many sales does it take to recoup the cost of a few sheets of A4?
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Paul Boyd
From my experience of volume printing costs in printing out PDF versions of manuals, it's not the cost of the paper, but the cost of inkjet cartridges :-)
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JimG said the following on 21/01/2007 22:43:
Ah, but if you were printing lots of leaflets to give out at a show, you wouldn't be using an inkjet! You would be using one of the surprisingly cheap (in quantity) print shops out there.
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Paul Boyd

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