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Has anyone managed to download the DecoderPro software thats in this
months issue of Model Rail, I can't to the website, and other searches for
it appear to point to the same source?
Dave M
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David Miller
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Yes - and a very useful prog it is too. You may wish to join the discussion mailist at yahoogroups. Send a (blank) email to
The latest version of the program is v1.2.5 The windows version is JMRI.1.2.5.exe and is available at
formatting link
David Randles
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Just purchased a Lenz L101f to connect my system up to a PC and have downloaded Decoder Pro.
Sorry if this seems to be a rather basic question, but all I've read about Decoder Pro talks about the decoder programming aspect. Am I right in thinking that it also contains a throttle for actually controlling the trains ? And if so, do I need to do anything to tell the programme to switch to mainline operation rather than the programming track ?
Hope someone can help here - I'm at the 'not-confident-enough-to-not-worry-about-messing-everything-up' stage.
Thanks, Ian
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Ian Bartlett

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