Model Rail #15 anyone?

I'm just building the Dapol Deltic DP1 with my son, and predictably he wants it to "go"... I believe there was an article about super-detailing and motorising the kit in Model Rail #15 (not certain if this issue number is correct). Unfortunately I only started buying it at #23.

Is anyone prepared to scan the appropriate page(s) for me?

Also, the instructions for the Dapol kit are vary vague about the colours to use (they don't even mention the blue!). Has anyone got information on the correct paint to use?



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You're right in your later post - it is issue 18. Motorising is done in this article by chopping a Lima class 37 chassis in half and sticking it in. This is a much better option than using the Lima Deltic chassis as you get scale bogies that way. The Lima Deltic bogie is actually HO-ish scale.

I could scan the article, but the whole article runs to 11 pages. If you get no offers from anyone with a broadband connection, I could put the pages up on my webspace over a couple of days. Let me know. Copyright? Wassat?

Phoenix Precision Paints P110 is the correct colour - appropriately called "BR Deltic Blue".

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Best results will be had by painting over a white primer. Fox Transfers also do a complete transfer set for it.
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I've got issue 18 and Broadband.

Its mostly colour as well. If you want colour then the scans are going to be quite BIG!

Let me know off-line


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