The efficacy of chemical dehumidifiers?

Before acquiring my second hand dehumidifier (which gets two pints of water per day and therefore suggests that those on offer from Homebase can only count as a GOOD THING (1066 And All That?) ) throws doubt on the efficacy of the previous dehumidifiers which were those into which you pour 500g of anhydrous Calcium Chloride which then dissolves away completely within two weeks.

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Airy R. Bean
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Chemical dehumidifiers, at least the ones that claim to work in room sized environments, are a confidence trick.

Chemical dehumidifieres are suitable for small volumes, such as inside of a sealed case of a piece of equipment as part as a piece of packing material.

Common sense surely shows that this is so- even if you don't know the science!

Well, in your case, maybe not.

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