right adhesive for pvc mat

we are producing PVC mat but we are unabble to get right strength. we
extruding pvc alongwith additive. Can I use EVA with PVC to improve
the tear strength.Or which adhesive is suitable(we are using epvc glue
with dop but it is of no use), adhesive should be transparent, so it
should leave no marks on mat. this is zig-zag mat we are producing.
pls help or mail me to snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com
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sat pal
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On the capabilities of binary and ternary PVC-blends - also PVC-EVA - I = suggest you sift through the following document =
formatting link
; = it also refers to tear strength ...
On suitable PVC-adhesives perhaps you search for sites like the = following
formatting link
, and/or you contact them for their = expert advice ...
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