Use of Viton (FKM/FPM) with hot water or steam service

Viton is often used as elastomeric seat in butterfly valves. Viton is
know to be restistant to 'difficult' chemical media.
However, in many chemical resistance lists the use of Viton is not
recommended for hot water applications or steam service.
What is the specific danger of hot water / steam to Viton ? Does it
restart the curing process ? Does it attack the cross linked polymers ?
What is the fysical result ? Does it increase hardness ? Does the viton
become more brittle ?
thanks for your help !
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I'm not sure why Viton wouldn't be listed for hot water applications. It's certainly not the temperature as it can handle temperatures well in excess of 100 C. A quick look at the Viton brochure on the DuPont Dow Elastomers website indicates that Viton is rated as having excellent performance in 80 C water. So, you may want to contact DuPont Dow Elastomers directly and ask them.
Just so you know, DuPont Dow is breaking up on July 1. Viton will be part of the new DuPont Performance Elastomers subsidary.
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