about BLEND command inside PRO/E WF

I'm a beginner in PRO/E WILDFIRE.I'm learning how buiding up complex
geometries using the command BLEND.I draw the sections but all the time i
can't go on and an error message appears on the screen:"Only one loop per
subsection is allowed".I know that the problem is "silly",but please
understand my first difficulties.
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edoardo fiorani
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Hello. When you have one section then you must toggle this section and sketch next..and toggle and sketch......last section - no toggle (this option is in sketch---> feature options ---> Toggle section (proE 2001). I think that is the same in ProE Wildfire (must be one loop in one section).
Greetings form Poland..
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Dzenkuje bardzo....... na raze edoardo "b91612" ha scritto nel messaggio news:cps7bf$ot4$ snipped-for-privacy@atlantis.news.tpi.pl...
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edoardo fiorani
Just out of interest, what are the job opportunities for proe users in Poland? pozdrowienia
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