Are more Material Definitions available?


I'm modelling an object made of playwood and mahogany. Are there material definition files available for download that are more varied to the standard ones shipped with ProEng?

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Those materials are highly anisotropic. Pro/E / Pro/M do not support those material properties.

Of course if you're just looking for density info it takes seconds to make another material definition.


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David Geesaman

I've seen this on rare occasion requested in Pro/e SIGs before, but never have I seen anyone come through with an extended library. Typically, when people need new materials files, they just create them. They do a 'save as' in the folder, then just edit the file with a text editor. You just need to be able to supply the proper values for the parameters in the material file for a given material. You can generally find those properties here:

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such as this are more about engineering materials than architectural, but I haven't checked, so give it a shot.

David Janes

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