Something discovered about 'Search'

I replaced an early part in an assembly using 'Layout'. Some feature
references were missing. When I got this component to play nice and regen, I
noticed a bunch of other compents that were frozen, suspended or suppressed.
When I got this mess straightened out, I decided to find out if anything
else, of less obvious regen status, was suppressed/frozen/etc. "Search" has
a Status page where you can set 'equal to' to 'Frozen', 'Suppressed',
'Packaged' and more. I tried 'Frozen' and found a bunch more components in a
Group (which showed itself 'Regenerated' but which contained components
which were 'Frozen'). The Search utility, when it finds stuff, expands the
group or whatever to show the hidden components( the Group showed as
Regenerated but the components hidden inside were Frozen). Search is a
constantly, remarkably useful tool.
David Janes
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Yeah, I know, there's so much to learn. There's something new every day, usually 'cuz somebody asks me a question I can't answer and I have to try new things. I am challenged like this constantly, beat up by my peers and am forced to try and to teach and to learn. I'm just passing it on, glad if it's of more general use.
David Janes
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