Banquer's Bane

> They call the Rhino ducky tutorial "Banquer's Bane".

> > If he ever completes it he should post it somwhere. > > Interesting. > Anyone recall when he used the tutorial from a demo as an > example of his own original work? And rapidly got caught by > the actual original "author"? > Someone was asking about that series of posts .... > -- > Cliff

I don't know the disscussion but the item must be:

"Have you ever posted examples your work like I did on the alt.machines.cnc chat server that Anthony runs ?".

Wasn't that when he was raving about VX? Or between VX and Swiss Army Knives? It's hard to keep track of them all. AFAIK that's the only time he's ever posted anything except his unfounded opinions and that was, as everyone knows, a first rate screw up. First rule in the Usenet Bullshit Artist's Handbook: "Never allow yourself to be put in a position where you have to prove what you say is true.". UBA Guild is considering official censure.

Usenet dummy: "Can you explain what Unified-Hybrid is?". Jon Banquer: "They're conjoined twins. One is my son and the other my nephew.".


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