This must be possible!

Hi, help needed,

I have two plastic parts which operate together as a hinge. However, I want to mould them as one rigid part where a small bridge is snapped on assembly to allow them to move as two parts and form a hinge.

My question is:

At present is it designed as two parts mated together in the overall assembly ... Is it possible for me to combine these two parts together somehow and form a new single part which the toolmakers could use. Obviously I could re-model the item as one part but it is quite complicate and will be time consuming so I'm hoping there is a short cut.

SW2005 SP3.0

Thanks ... Roger

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Hi, you can save an assembly as a part, or you could insert a new part into the assembly and use the 'join' command to create your combined thing.

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Lee Bazalgette - Factory

see 'creating a joined part' in the SW help.

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Hi All,

OK I have found how to do it - Combine Parts - obvious really

Thanks anyway


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