I must be going nuts...

there is no system setting. units are defined in the document.
try changing your template (part, assembly & drawing)
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kenneth b
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How do I change the system unit value to default to inches??
The help file only deals with document unit options and so far I am having
to change these units every time I open up a new part.
Using 2004 SP1
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Phil Evans
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Phil Evans
Hi phil,
In some softwares like proe you can do the document settings like units, arrow details, notes details, precisions, dimensioning standards in the config file and the config file can be loaded before starting to model a part file. But in Solidworks like autocad and most of the windows native softwares initial templates are made which are to be used before starting a part. It is sugeested that we should not temper the original templates of solidworks. Make a directory anywhere in the hard disk. open new document (part, drawing or assembly) do the required changes in the file..options..document properties and save the file in the new directory you have made as .prtdot .drwdot or .asmdot file. In the file.. options.. system options..file location, add the path for the document templates and it will appear when you open a new file for use..
good going.. bawa
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