default dimension value

Aaarrrrggghh! I can't find it anymore!

E.g. when making a fillet, chamfer or blind extrusion, SW comes up with the default value. It was 1, but somehow it has been altered to 2.

Where is it found?

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Count Zero
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These settings come from the default part template. If you want to have your new parts configured, you have to modify the template, or create a new one.

Open a blank part.

Go to "tools-options-document properties"

Set all of the defaults the way you want them.

Save the empty document as a "prtdot" and give it a name like "Part inch" or something.

This new bank part document should show up in the window when you create a new part.

Parts that have already been started using the default template will have to be modified one at a time using the above method ( exept the save as "prtdot" step).

You may be able to use a macro or something to do a batch modify, dunno....



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Mark Mossberg

Found it. It's in the 'system options' > 'spin box increments' > 'metric units' > set value...

All the time i thought it should be found in the document properties...

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Count Zero

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