how to set default table row height??

Since moving to 2006, the default row height for my revision tables has doubled. (When I now add a revision, the row that is added is twice the height it used to be now)

I'm fed up of using row properties to set the row height each time, there must be a global/document default setting?

I can't find a setting for this.

Can someone point me to the right place, thanks.

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I agree, wish I could help, but wanted you to know there's someone else that thinks this is ridiculous.

I submitted it as an "enhancement request".

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JEB Davis

This is just another person agreeing with you that there should be a way to set it. From experimenting, if you add a row to a table, it copies the previous row height, as long as it is over .34". This doesn't work so well for me, as my rows are .16".


JEB Davis wrote:

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Brian Putnam

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