Creating a mirror of an component...

I would like to mirror a component in an assembly without having to create a
new part? Since my part is symmetrical I do not want to create a new part. I
know that I can reinsert the component, but I was wondering if it would be
possible to do what I want to do.Thanks.
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You can do the following: 1. create an appropriate "mirror axis" 2. copy the component 3. paste special 4. check "Apply Move/Rotate transformations to copies" 5. select the "mirror axis" created in step 1 and rotate 180 deg
Steps 2-5 apply to Wildfire 2 however the same functionallity is available in Wildfire 1 and pre Wildfire 1
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Randy Jones
If your component is symmetrical you don't need to mirror it, you just need to select Component/Adv Util/Repeat, select your component, and define it's new placement. (Translation commands are more cumbersome).
For information if you wanted to make a new mirrored component:-
In your assembly:-
Component / Create Check the mirror button in the sub-type column name the part ok Check the Copy button Select the part you want to mirror Select any planar reference to mirror about Ok
Redefine the new part and place it where you want. (It will lose references to the old part, and become independent.)
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