DKN Design

DKN Design is a growing company located in Chandler AZ. Please contact
us if you feel we may be able to help you with your product development
We are currently looking for work to begin around 03-01-06, we can fit
in small jobs before then, but would have to wait to take on a large
Please see
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for further information and contact
Our mission is to help you get your ideas into and through
product development, and into your hand.
We specialize in 3-D modeling of simple to complex components
and assemblies. Our design team also has the ability to
create drawings of your design if needed, or possibly even
create a CNC program of your part.
Any way we can help, please let us know.
We have long standing relationships with local
manufacturers that will help us get your product made faster.
Complete project quoting is also available, this would include
designing, manufacturing, checking, and all steps in between.
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DKN Design
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If everyone with something to sell cluttered this group up with advertisements, it would be utterly useless for it's intended purpose.This sort of behaviour is unlikely to win you the approval of your potential customer base.Please refrain from such rudeness in future.
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John Wade
Sorry john
I did not mean to offend you, I'm just trying to get my name out there. Many of the items on this board are advertisements, so I did not think I was out of bounds.
DKN Design
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DKN Design
We "USE" this forum to get help in regards to Pro Engineer. Please stop the clutter and this utterly useless thread. If you got a Pro question shoot it out. As for getting your name out there, gotta to be better ways.
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I hate to send anyone away. This NG isn't overly well subscribed. But PTCUSER.ORG might be better equiped to handle the exposure DKN is looking for. There's a group called Network that you can sign up for that takes this kind of advertising. Contact them here:
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set your news reader to this account:, but to post, you still need to be a "member". Also, for exposure, nothing beats being active in a local User group. People will see who you are, what you know and what you can contribute if you are supporting the user community by supporting a local User group. There is a Phoenix Pro/USER group; contact information can be obtained here:
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you're already hooked up with them and I'm "preaching to the choir", you're doing about as well as you can without spending thousands on advertising. Much better to spend that kind of money on sprucing up your website. Get some professional looking brochures done up, something you can email as a pdf. Focus your website on the kind of high tech, aerospace and telecommunications stuff that Phoenix is famous for. You don't want to put it out there and then disappoint prospects when they take the step of giving you a serious looksee.
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David Janes

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