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Is anyone here using routing in Solidworks 64? We have recently bought a system with XP64 on it and Solidworks is crashing EVERYTIME I open a part from an assy file with routing turned on. I can open the parts from the file menu just fine. But open them from an assy or from the design library and Solidworks takes a dump everytime. I would appreciate any confirmation on this or if anyone is using routing on a 64 bit sustem without issue, that would also be of help.

Thank you Please email me directly at snipped-for-privacy@meillc.com



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Jeff, I've informed the developer and Project Manager about this. We would like to look into your issues closer but need you to contact us. Can you please send me your email message so that we might take a closer look at your x64/routing issue.

Mark Biasotti Product Manager SolidWorks

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