Drag Component won't

I used the "curves by equasion" to produce a helix wrapped around a
Then with Variable Section Sweep, I extruded a square section along
the curve.
I have made a simple, square, flat "truck" with a square hole in the
middle and the square truck is to travel along the square, helical
Using Pre defined constraints I find that I can not choose any of the
surfaces on the helical rail.
This restricts me to using the SLOT option which only recognizes
points on curves and edges.
Three datum points on the truck correspond to the positions where the
curve and edges would be.
If I attach the the center point to the curve and the other two points
to the corresponding edges on the square helix, the truck will NOT
move with the "Drag Components" hand.
If I disable ANY one of the constraints, the truck moves along
famously. Except that it tumbles along using the two points as an
axis, instead of remaining oriented to the VSS.
I was wondering if reducing the accuracy will help, or is there some
setting that I can use to make it recognize the surface?
It is probably because the surfaces are constantly changing in all
directions along the square helix. But strangly enough, using the
SLIDER option allows me to choose the surface of the helix for the
ROTATION. However, it still needs an AXIS and there isn't one to use.
So it won't complete the slider option.
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