File import from other apps?


I wonder if someone could illuminate a problem getting DXF files into PTC.

I need to tidy up some projects which will require the inclusion of 2d and

3d work, presented as dxf files, from various 3d modelling sources, and CAD progs not from PTC.

Early trials have produced a lot of crashing, even with small files. My inexperienced guess is that there may be different dxf file structures involved.

Please, can anyone help?



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Have you tried exporting the DXF in the oldest, most basic DXF format? e.g. DXF version 12?


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David Geesaman

And another thing to try:

You can open a DXF in a text editor, search for the ENTITIES section beginning and end. Delete everything except the ENTITIES section and its tags and try importing that.


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David Geesaman

Read the dxf file into Autocad

Export from Autocad as an ACIS file (*.sat)

Open the ACIS file in Proe.

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