Hole note and Tolerance frames

After locating a positional tolerance frame to a hole, how can I
position the hole note under this tolerance frame without showing the
notes leader line. At present it shows 2 leader lines one from the
tolerance frame and one from the hole note. I would rather not use
general text as this would not be associated to the hole type.
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what you want to do is, left click on your geometric positional tolerance symbol to highlite it, then right click, go to properties and click on that, the "Geometric Tolerance" Box should open. Go to the " Model Refs" tab and click on that, on the right side look for "Placement Placed" and click on the scroll button. Look for "Dimension" and select that. Now click on "Place Gtol", click on your Hole dimension and it will put it under your hole note. This procedure assumes you are using WF 2.0.
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