mechanica structure is friction possible ?

I have to make a thermal-structural analysis and I'm wondering if this one
is possible with Mechanica or not.
the assembly I have to analyse is the following one :
In a groove of a (big) steel part, I have
- in the bottom, a thin gasket of epoxy+glass
- a bar made of copper and isolating material (50mm.100mm.3meters long)
- an other gasket of composite material
- on the top, a Ripple spring that apply a pressure on the last gasket.
I have the temperature of 4 points in the bar (from 40°C to 80°C) and we can
assume the isolating material, the gaskets and the steel part are at the
same constant temperature (30°C).
so the first question is :
Is it possible to calculate thermal conduction to get the temperature
gradients in the whole bar ?
Then, with those first results, is it possible to make a thermal-structural
coupled analysis to get displacements, stress and strain in the bar while
taking into account
- the friction betweeen bar and gaskets,
- the pressure of the ripple spring,
- the thermal expansion of the bar ?
I have to give an answer very soon so I would like to Know if it's possible
with Mechanica (and if possible, how to do, just in few words).
If not, I will have to buy Ansys (for Pro/E compatibility) and I would like
to know which package (professional, structural...) if anyone have knows.
Thanks a lot for any advice,
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