Wildfire 3.0 on Solaris x86

Does anybody have run Wildfire 3.0 on Solaris x86?
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Patata Kid
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Yes, Installed it last week. Much faster than on my Blade 2500. I don't have any Windows platforms to compare it to. Also looks like better OpenGL support, Sparc version of openGL is 1.5, X86 version is 2.0. The only thing lacking as far as I can tell at the moment is to email and save as "pdf". My computer is W2100Z, Dual 2.4 Opterons, 4 gig memory, Nvidia quadro 3000 graphics. Have had no stability problems. I'm thinking of running Ocus on it sometime next week to really compare it to other computers and OS's.
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Paul Gress

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