Not able to open the editor for curve inPro/E

Hello All,

I'm not able to open the editor after selecting the type of co-ordinate system in curve option. Are there any option need to active ??

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What kind of curve are you trying to create? Is it part of another function, like creating the curve for a swept blend? What version of the software are you using? And what "editor" are you talking about? In the words of the immortal Jerry McGuire, "Help me help you". I refuse to flail blindly, blindfolded, in the dark. Get my drift? Enlighten me, and FYI, you might want to go back through some of the previous posts to see which ones got the best response. That is, if you're even half serious. Unfortunately, since you googled in, you'll likely not be seeing this reply. Tough break, kid. Next time, do it the right way with a news reader and go to THAT'S where you'll see this reply! (I guess I'd have to go to google to tell you that and to do that I'd have to be a 'member' with an 'account' f*ck google very much.) BTW, what news reader are people using these days on WIN7?


begin 666 djanes.vcf M0D5'24XZ5D-!4D0-"E9%4E-)3TXZ,BXQ#0I..CMD:F%N97,-"D9..F1J86YE D

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