Paramters - multiple questions

Paramters.. I have set up a relation that reads the material bend_table
entry so that I can have the assigned material file show up in the drawing
format. HOWEVER I would like to do the following....
1) Is it possible to take a text string and have it wrap text in a table
entry (the material box on a format) we use a number of different materials
in different states (ie different astm specs) so presently this is all
entered by the operator
2) the material can be entered via the MAT file with a relation, but is
there a way of entering other material information based upon the assigned
mat. ie a relation that uses an if statement
if 6061-t6
then &material2 = text_string "ASTM.... "
3) is there a way of having relations call up a saved text file? and have
this put on the format
Anyone else have a number of different material specs and how do you deal
with them...
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