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I would like to know Pro/Wildfire users in my region at south of Italy. Could someone tell me if there is a user list where it is possible to get company name that use Pro/W in my region? (Campania)

Thanks in advance

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Hopefully, you've gotten some private communications from Pro/e users in Italy. The best help you could get would be from a local users' group. I've seen such lists from the user community in the U.S., not so far from Europe. The ones I've seen though are very partial, listing only a small percentage of companies that use the software. I'm sure that PTC doesn't publish such a list as it would be of most value to their competition.

The way I found to compile such a list, one that was better than the published ones, was by paying attention to engineering employment ads that mentioned use of Pro/e. Newspapers and the Internet were my main sources of information. The local user group was the other 5% (it's kind of a lazy, complacent user group around here). Universities that offer Pro/e courses attract a segment of the population that is also quite knowledgeable about the market and can provide leads. But, I guess it still comes down to you doing some detective work. What do they do in Napoli and Salerno, two of the biggest towns in Campania?

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