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Wildfire 2.0 begins with a plain gray screen. I can go in and change that
to the previous wildfire screen (blue fade), but I have to do this each
time. I have 'played' with creating my own background. Again, however, I
have to set that up EACH time.
There must be a setting to change the default screen colors so it loads
w/what I want every time. Is this in the config file?
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Somewhere in the system colors dialog there's a way to save the settings to a file. You can then use the option system_colors_file to point to it.
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Jeff Howard
You have to save the color scheme you want to a file. When you are in the System Colors dialog, do a File>Save and put the syscol.scl file in a 'safe' place. In, add the line:
Use the full pathname to avoid problems. The color scheme will be loaded on startup.
Regards Pete
Jeff Howard wrote:
settings to
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