I've never experienced any problems with a file myself. Nor have
any of my co-workers until just recently. One of our machine designers has a
network drive mapped to be able to access another machine designer's files
at a remote facility. The permissions to the files are wide open for the
world--set by the creator of the Pro/E objects. The user that is
experiencing failed assembly model retrievals has his file in his
Pro/E startup drive/folder location. No problems there. And it has the
'search_path_file' option set to the same drive/folder--and points to the
file named ''. No problems there. With that said, could someone
please provide me with some tips on what could possibly be causing the end
user's assembly model retrievals to fail--due to certain assembly components
not being found? Do the '' file's entries have to be in
alphabetical order? Any insight into why this guy is have this problem would
be greatly appreciated. I'm going to try and help him out since he's a new
Thanks all!
J. Perry
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J. Perry
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just a guess ... are there any spaces in the directory name/path? Those cause trouble again and again. Try to embrace your path with quotation marks (") within your search_path and also
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Mr Perry, I think there are two other possibilities: - Since there are only a few files which cannot be retrieved, it is possible that these files are placed in a location which isn't shared. Make a list of files that aren't retrieved and locate them... - Make sure the entries in both of the files are in the same order! It doesn't mean alphabetical! Why? Because of the family-table instances. Also make sure that standard parts aren't duplicated (trouble, trouble, trouble...)
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