swapping two columns (family table)

Does anyone know of a quick method to swap columns in a family table.
(I like to keep my family table organized by dimension groups).
Currently the fastest technique I have is when in the family table I
press "Alt E", then "S". But I have to keep doing this though my
whole family table. And since my family table has over 300 dimensions
in it, it becomes a pain when I have to add a new dimension that
belongs in a group in the front of the table and swap it all the way
Any input would be great.
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Michael Phipps
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When you add something to your family table, mark the column after which you want you new column to be placed, then use the insert - button and select column. Your next choice will be placed in that column. If you already have a column in the wrong position, a long way from where you want, it is probably easier to delete the comlumn and then reintroduce it using this method, rather than swapping one by one.
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Bertil Rogmark
With version 2001 you can export the table to an EXCEL spreadsheet and re-import it back to Pro/E. Within EXCEL, you have all kinds of regular EXCEL functionality (like switching columns, introduce some equations etc.). Have you tried that?
Michael Phipps wrote:
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thanks for the help, this was exactly what i was looking for. The method Tom mentioned with using excel has never worked for me as i have tried it in the past. Thanks again
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Michael Phipps
Hi again using excel is fine except for sorting columns. If you do that, when you reintroduce the family table into Proe you get a message: Change in sort order will be lost! Apparently Bill Gates is not the only one who enjoys screwing his customers!
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Bertil Rogmark

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