wildfire; changing text editor

For the full note editor, how do I get pro to see wordpad instead of notepad? I need a spell checker. If there is a built in checker I can't find it.

Pro Version; Wildfire 1.0 Windows XP

I found "drawing_file_editor" in the "Tools, Options". I added that to the config.pro file but it would not recognize it.

So what do you think is the answer?


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Might try pro_editor_command. Think the one you set if for editing *.dtl. Might do a global search, all modules for "_editor" (sans quotes).

ModelCheck also will check spelling. There's a little bit in help about it.

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Jeff Howard

Good point. Seems that Pro/E likes to see full / absolute paths across the board. "You find it! Why should I do All the work?!" 8~)

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Jeff Howard

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