Hy my name is cody paul bourgeois and i am requesting some help for my
auto cad class we have to design a eletric can crusher but i have never
designd such a thing and i was wundering if anyone here could email a
brief Acad drawing of what the insides of a auto matic can crusher the
design constraints are; it has to be automatic it has to beable to be
an automatic feed it has to be close up so no hands can get in to it.
so thats prity much it if any one could help me it would be very much
apreasheated if you could e-mail me a drawing or if you just want to
e-mail me my adress is
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On the television show "Robot Rivals", the two teams build can crushers. Here's a link to the web page where they discuss this specific episode:
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This should give you plenty of good ideas.
- Bob
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Robert Gaimari

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