any experience with Blue Bird servos?

Robot magazine pointed out some new high-performance digital servos from
Blue Bird, which sound really amazing for the price. The BMS-660MG [1],
for example, hase 13 Kg cm of torque for only $42 (at 4.8V; at 6.0V it's
14 Kg cm!).
However, even the manufacturer's spec doesn't say what the operating
angle of these things is. BP Hobbies' site seems to imply it may be less
than other servos, since with a Traxxas Revo you can easily drive them
beyond their normal range and end up stripping the gears. I also don't
know whether this is something that can be reprogrammed, or how one
would do that. But at $42 for 14 Kg cm, it seems well worth
consideration ? even the servos in the new Manoi AT01 are only 10.5 Kg
Any thoughts on this?
? Joe
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