This is a quick announcement of the BDMICRO MAVRIC-IIB robot
controller. The MAVRIC-IIB is the new and improved revision of our
popular MAVRIC-II controller:
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The MAVRIC-IIB builds on the great features of the MAVRIC-II, but also
includes several oft asked for conveniences like 6 R/C servo headers
directly on the board, DIP switch configuration, and more screw
terminal connections included standard.
Like the MAVRIC-II, the MAVRIC-IIB is based on the very powerful Atmel
ATmega128 MCU and includes 128K flash program memory, 4K SRAM data
memory, 4K non-volatile EEPROM memory, 16 MHz operation with near 16
MIPS instruction execution speed, dual RS232 serial ports, RS485
interface for building networks of controllers and sensors, 6 R/C
servo headers, low dropout regulator (5.5V operation - can run on 4
AAs), In-System-Programming header, JTAG debugging and programming
header and many additional features.
Two versions of the board are available - standard economical pin
header version, and the very convenient screw terminal version.
The MAVRIC-IIB is available either fully assembled and tested, as a
kit, or just the bare PCB can be purchased by itself in the case that
your parts drawer is already stocked.
An optional 128K RAM Expansion module is available using our
MAVRIC-II-RE product.
If you have any questions about the MAVRIC-IIB, please don't hesitate
to contact me.
Best Regards,
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