Best Dust Collection System for Fab Lab?

Hi there!

We are opening a one-of-a-kind Fab Lab, and are looking for recommendations / advice on the best dust collection systems for the type of work that we will be doing in our shop.


- We have several different zones in our shop, including Robotics, Wood Shop, Metal Shop, CNC Shop, Chemical Storage, Paint Booth, etc.

- We will be zoning off our "dusty" work zones from our "non-dusty" zones, such as our office space, material storage, etc.

- See photo to get a better overview of our space:

formatting link
(Yellow = dust zone, Blue = no dust zone.)


- What is the best dust collection system for this kind of fab lab?

- What are you using / would you recommend for dust collection? Air purification? Fume extraction?

I would really appreciate any insights, recommendations or advice that you could share! Thanks in advance.

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