IGBT module supplier from Kring Electronics CO., LTD.

My company(Kring Electronics CO., LTD.) am good at all kinds of Brand moudles GTR、IPM、IGBT、DC-DC in Brand FUJI、MIT、EUPEC、SEMIKON、TOSHIBA、VICOR.
If you need any other parts or modules, please let me know.Expect have a long time cooperation with you. Thanks!
If you need any other information, please let me know, thanks! Best Wishes! Your sincerely Contact Person: Steven Zhang KringElectronicsCO.,LTD TEL: 861051662530 Fax: 861080753630 Email: snipped-for-privacy@kringic.com MSN:steven snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com Yahoo ID:kringic_steven Http://www.chipofchina.com Address: Room 602# NO.3 Unit of No.2 Building, NO.3 LongYueYuan, HuiLongGuan, Changping
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