Object position in camera view

(1) We have a stationary camera at an unknown position (Cx,Cy,Cz) and
unknown attitude ie.angles (Cxa, Cya, C,za) looking at a scene.
(Imagine camera on top of a high building -we don't know the
building coordinate- looking at the town)
(2) Camera resolution is NxM (800x600)
(3) In the camera view we can identify a set of Objects {Oi: i=1,...K,
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(A) You should search on "camera calibration" and photogrammetry. (B) Given (A) you can simply map the bounds of the image plane to world vectors (C) Although you have a mapping O --> P you lack data to fully map P --> O because you lack depth data in the 2D image. The mapping gives you a vector of unknown length. If you can define a ground plane the intersection with the vector gives you a possible 3D location for the object. You could also look at stereography and other 3D imaging techniques.
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Field of view is based on lens geometry. If you know the focal length, then it's easy. One example web site:
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Michael Daly

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