Recharging Robot Battery

In the attic I found my son's old electric toothbrush set. He had
refused to use it as a child, and it got shelved. So what?
Well I was looking to modify the brushes so I could use them to clean
electronic circuit boards. I looked at the charging mechanism and found
it to be quite clever.
The handle of the motor/battery module is hollow. It fits into a well
that has an iron stub coming up which fits into a well in the bottom of
the hand held assembly. The battery in the module is charged by a loose
transformer coupling. The primary is in the base and the secondary is in
the hand held module.
This could be applied, if it already hasn't been, to a neat charger that
requires no bare wire connection between the charger and the robot. I
can envision a system where the robot, when it feels the need for a
charge, would naviagate to the charger and engage it by sliding over the
extended metal tranformer core. Almost pornographic!
Seems simple enough, in theory, that is.
Any thoughts?
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You can certainly get plenty of power through this type of interface. The EV-1 electric car uses it.
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If you continue working on this, please keep us informed. I think it's a great idea for safety and convenience.
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Alan Kilian

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