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Hi Friends,
I am too much interested in Robotics. But I dont know
anything about it. Where should I start from . I am B.C.A. and
currently working as java - Senior Programmer in a Company.
Suggestions Required.
Thankyou ,
Sohil Surti
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I was thinking of how to answer this, and the best I can come up with is (assuming you are talking about mobile robots and not robotic manipulators) is to buy an electronic toy car, something big enough to lug around some batteries and a computer, and have the computer make it go. The process by which you get that to happen is probably the best "crash" course you could ever get.
I have a site, it is a work in progress,
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I'm not sure it is a great starter site, but it is intended to show ow you can build a low cost robotic platform out of commonly available parts.
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Your Suggestion is really helpful. Thank you .
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If you want to get into robotics, you need a robot! Cost is a major factor in how much you buy and how much you have to build. You can spend $200 to well over $1000 and end up with a rolling chassis, a controller and a few sensors - just add software. For most people that's quite an investment, so learning to build or modify the hardware is part of the process. You need to be a bit of an electronics engineer and mechanical engineer, as well as a software engineer.
Have a look at what's available to buy from places like this:
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And what people have built/modified themselves at places like this:
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(A web search should find many more examples of both.)
That should give you some idea of the range of types of robot and types of activity people are involved in, and some idea of what's involved in building your own.
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Tim Auton

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