A Letter From BSD

To the rocketry community,
BSD started experiencing severe problems with SPAM in early April. We do
not know why. Our business mailbox exceeded its 20MB limit on a daily
basis. Our local e-mail provider bounced messages once the mailbox was
full. It does not take long to fill a mailbox with the graphics included in
a lot of the SPAM today. Our local e-mail provider now has SPAM filtering
in place on their servers and we have additional SPAM filtering on our
business computers. We still have about 2000 messages to wade through to be
current on messages.
While we were working on that problem, I woke up one morning in late April
in the worst pain of my life in my neck, shoulders, arms and hands, and my
right side was significantly impaired, too. My left hand was totally
useless and my left arm would not respond very well. My wife thought I had
a stroke, but the doctor quickly ruled that out. After several weeks of
therapy, tests, and treatment, I can begin to address BSD needs once again.
Needless to say, BSD has not shipped many orders. I apologize for this. I
brought in some extra help, but the quality we demand was not there. We
will do everything possible to see that outstanding get shipped in the next
two weeks.
I still have no grip strength in my left hand, but we are optimistic of a
full recovery with some tests and therapy to go. I look forward to once
again servicing our customers and attending rocket launches.
Mark Saunders
BSD High Power Rocketry
Glendale, AZ
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Mark Saunders
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Don't know what to say i was worried there might be a health problem, I really hope you get to feeling better as soon as possible..
Hopefully you'll be back to shipping kits out quickly again in no time, and more importantly doing some flying yourself...
Luckily I didn't need a Thor3 while you were away.. Thor2 got the job done...:-)
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Had pretty much the same symptoms a couple of years ago, turned out to be a cervical disc ruptured/slipped. They fixed it by removing the disc and fusing the vertebrae. It's like it never happened, a complete recovery and a cool scar.
Jim Rutkowski Executive Chef TrailerTrashAerospace
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Mark - Wishing you a swift and speedy recovery. Your health is the most important thing to take care of -- the rockets can wait. We'll buy more BSD kits when you are ready!
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Bruce Sexton
Scars kick a$$. I gotta get me a couple. Hey, who knows, if I make enough white trash or Canadian jokes at LDRS, I may very well come home with my very own collection... :-)>
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