Looking for Site near Boston

Hey all first post here.
I'm an amateur model rocketeer and I'm looking for a site near Boston that
is open for people to walk-on and launch small rockets.
Everything we are doing for fun is A-D and although I'm a member of NAR I'm
not looking to join a club or do any group launches.
Thanks in advance,
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Local clubs can provide the info you need for obtaining your own launch site even if you do not want to launch with them.
Our club provides that info, but it is not always easy to get permission of the property owner AND the Fire Authority permits in California (as required by State Fire Regulations).
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Check with your local clubs for info on MA Stare (OK, Commonwealth....) Fire Regulations, then check with your local city or town as well since they can be more restrictive.
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Fred Shecter

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