ANN: BSD High Power Rocketry Status

Let me explain why BSD High Power Rocketry has been Missing-In-Action.

We experienced a family crisis early this year that no parent should have to endure. Recovery took a toll on us to the point my wife was hospitalized and I became depressed. We are physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted, and our struggle is not over yet. We have been unable to devote time to running BSD High Power Rocketry and we just don't have it in us to continue with this endeavor.

BSD High Power Rocketry has not been shipping any product since May 2005 while we dealt with the crisis. We are only now getting our lives somewhat back to normal. We have made the very difficult decision to put BSD High Power Rocketry up for sale and we are currently looking for a buyer. We believe BSD High Power Rocketry offers superior rocket kits and our loyal customers are a testament to the products. We are in the process of issuing refunds for orders we have not filled. If you ordered any products from BSD High Power Rocketry and you have not already received the product or a refund, please contact us at We will review your information with our order and payment system.

Mark Saunders BSD High Power Rocketry Glendale, AZ

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Extremely sorry to hear of the misfortune you and yours are going through. You will be in the prayers of my family and many others as well, rest assured. Please keep in touch with us through RMR, and let us know how thing work out. God Bless, Bob 352

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I'm sorry to hear of this, I was afraid something bad happened! I wish you the best and nothing but sincere happiness.

Best regards, Steve

Steven Kosmerchock * XAVIEN * Phoenix, Az USA

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On behalf of myself and my family our deepest sympathies on your crisis. I understand how things can happen and snowball into more than a family can handle at once. Please take care of yourself and your family with our prayers for a better future. I hope you can find a buyer quickly and one that will maintain your high standards of quality and service. You have been a fine asset to the rocketry comunity and hopefully we will all see each other in the future. Again our prayers and hopes for a quick recovery and God bless.


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