Balls 15?

Any AHPRA guys on here? I need the dates for Balls 15 quick. Sent Mark an e-mail, but haven't heard back from him. Need to sign up for my vacation this week, and don't have the dates!


All help greatly appreciated.

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James L. Marino
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Checked the ahpra website

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date hasn't been posted yet. Based on past dates my guess is Sept 15th-17th.

Bob Heninger

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Mark or Robin said last year that BALLS would likely be pushed back two weeks this year to late September.

Apparently XPRS had already staked a claim on our weekend with Brunos. Getting reservations at Brunos hotel seems to be a primary factor in scheduling.

Bruno seems to control which group has which weekend by virtue of owning the only close hotel. I don't know why he doesn't check with groups that historically have the same weekend before committing to another group.

Brian Elfert

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Brian Elfert

I'm only repeating what Mark Clark or Robin Meredith told me at BALLS last fall.

I am hoping that BALLS get moved as the beginning of September is really crowded for me.

Brian Elfert

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Brian Elfert

BALLS Dates BALLS 15 will be on September 29 - October 1 As usual Friday will be commercial after any set up. Saturday and Sunday will be Experimental. Web page will be updated in a few days. Please don't send registration until after LDRS. Any rockets over P, hybrids other than nitrous oxide and liquids will need TRA BoD approval. Bruno's phone number; 775-557-2220, talk to Skeeky or Chuck.


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