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Has anyone here ever had success contacting Revell?
I recently received my long awaited Visible B-17G kit, and the one critical
part (the clear left fuselage) was marred dead center next to the waist
gunner window. I could fix any other part, but not the clear plastic
fuselage. I dutifully followed the instructions given on Revell's Website
but have not heard back from them. When I sent the original request in
their site said they would reply in one week. Now their Website has changed
that to eight weeks.
I've sent two e-mails via their feedback form - no reply. I've called their
service 800 number two times and been rolled over to voicemail both times.
After leaving my phone number and a description of my problem, I have
received no reply.
I'd be happy to purchase a replacement part, but their online order page has
no parts! I've tried their "How are we doing?" link and got a 404 page not
found error. This is the mark of a quality company that wants to stay in
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, if anyone plans
on contacting Revell, good luck!
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David Pride
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How is it marred? Scratches or mixed plastic from a previous shot (e.g. a silver or grey "cloud" in the plastic?
If it is just scratches, those can be buffed out and the entire fuselage side coated with Future to fix it.
Cookie Sewell
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Hi there.
Forgive me because I can not give you contact info for a live body at Revell.
However I have thinned the canopy on 1/48 scale HobbyCraft CF-100s to less than a third of what they were by carefully sraping the inside of them with a hobby knife and then sanding them thinner and thinner with wet-dry paper. I then polished it with grits of hobby sanding film using ultra-fine grits of 8000 and 12000 available at good hobby shops.
I hope your problem is simply a scratched part and not a clouded part.
Good luck from Peter
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You know, most people would have just pulled heated thin transparent plastic over the thing, but if you want to do it the hard way.... :-)
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Pat Flannery
Thanks for your response.
It's a rather significant scrape on the inside of the fuselage, possibly caused when the part was ejected from the mold. I understand that there is a chance it can be salvaged by some aggressive sanding and polishing, but at my skill level there is no guarantee the rework won't be noticeable. And, I'm surely not going to be dipping such a large part into Future. I don't have a container large enough to do that, and my wife would murder me if I make a move towards something in the kitchen.
Also, in my mind, the part should have been usable out of the box. To add to this aggravation is the lack of response from a company that says they want to have happy customers.
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David Pride
sounds like a time for some added flak damage with the crew attending to the guy who caught a load of flak.. battle damage can fix all kinds of things like this.
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I can report that Revell finally sent the replacement part. Amazing!
Unfortunately, my comments about their crappy Web site and failure to return phone calls still stands.
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David Pride

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