action: user certification

user certification - education and demonstrated competency
considering that a "New TRA" may have a scope which includes rocketry
beyond commercial or 'EX' as practiced by the current TRA, we need to
examine what role user certification should play.
is revision of NFPA 1127 to remove a user certification requirement
desirable or feasible? Are there any other regulatory requirements for
user certification outside of the NFPA?
do limits on member activities based on certification level have a
bearing on insurance premiums? because of a perceived safety risk?
what about the probability of payout if the organization is
self-insured? would it increase if users were not certified? is this
based on statistical experience, or does such data not exist? If not,
future experience provide sufficient data to uphold a re-evaluation of
the question?
or was certification mandated because of some percieved advantage to a
launches overall safety? Was this a subjective judgement or otherwise
how what objective information was used to reach that conclusion? Has
experience upheld that assessment?
if desireable, how might user certification be revised to address a
wider scope of rocketry activities?
- iz
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Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed
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There is a reason why there is a definition of a consumer model rocket. All of the unsafe portions have been eliminated from the activity. Haviong a FIRM and universally accepted separation of TYPES of rocketry makes perfect sense, is largely responsible for general access rocketry and MUST be maintained.
As such HPR should also be separate from both Model Rocketry and from Amateur rocketry, and be defined as a consumer segment with pre-manufactured products. Period.
The rest is Amateur rocketry and should be done under a SEPARATE club, separate set of rules, separate insurance, everything.
Totally differentiate between pre-manufactured (a product) and not premanufactured (an experimenters activity).
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Jerry Irvine
how does relate to the issue of site availability?
sites with suitable waivers are scarce resources. If distinct rocketry organizations were maintained as you describe, how might they pool resources for collective benefit; e.g.; timesharing a site between HP and AM activities?
would a seperate "site management" office or organization have site title, and coordinate site utilization?
- iz
Jerry Irv> There is a reason why there is a definition of a consumer model rocket.
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Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed
Not directly.
Only because of rocketeer laziness, not because of actual scarcity.
Distinct definitions.
Distinct eveents (same site different dates).
See immediately above.
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Jerry Irvine
So, Izzy,
Would your "new TRA" answer questions like I asked you about ARSA, or not?
I find it so very interesting that you won't answer even the most basic questions about ARSA, even though you are the "communications facilitator" (your term) for ARSA.
- George Gassaway
----------- repeat of questions that Izzy refused to answer
I?ve had some problems locating some things on the ARSA website.
Where can I find the ARSA by-laws?
Where can I find any information as to when/where ARSA was officially created as regards public/state (or federal?) documentation or recognition?
Where can I find info on when the last ARSA election was held, and who ran?
Where can I find info on when the next ARSA election will be held?
Where can I find a list of who is on the ARSA board, which positions are held by what people, and how does the ARSA board operate if for some reason the ARSA by-laws website link didn?t load?
As ARSA communications facilitator, I?m sure you won?t mind answering these.
- George Gassaway
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an off-topic, attempt to impede a open inquiry into whats possible for rocketry and rocketers in an desperate attempt to prevent reflection on and contrasts with your ineffectiveness
I answered your transparent questions
- iz
GCGassaway wrote:
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Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed
Izzy actually said:
Which in the context stated meant for the "participants of the thread", ie NOT ARSA.
You said, in an ongoing relatively successful effort to be a mental midget and turbo troll:
Which implies an appointed or elected position which you have been CLEARLY TOLD is NOT the case, hence, you are a a mental midget and turbo troll.
Just objective, logical Jerry
Objectively describing observed behavior is NOT personal attack and name calling.
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Jerry Irvine

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